10 Tips To Boost Conversion Of Your Shopify Store In This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially here! This may have you excited, frightened, or a combination of both. With seasonal traffic set to spike and an increase in e-commerce sales opportunities, this is the perfect time to invest in conversion rate optimization. Last year, online sales during the holidays increased by 13%, and retailers are anticipating even more growth this year.

With 92% of holiday shoppers either researching or purchasing products online, it’s clear that the demand is there. Driving this traffic to convert and purchase should be at the top of your holiday marketing checklist.

In our previous post, we discussed how to prepare for holiday season marketing. Here are 10 tips to optimize your store and increase conversions this holiday season.

1. Add badges to your products

76% shopper spend less than 5 seconds on a page before leaving the site. To make it easy to browse your store, use product badges to mark products on various offers or low stock.

Badges also make your website more attractive. However, it is not just a matter of appearance, it has been proved to increase sales up to 55%. Badges are an interesting tool, because they act on users’ mind as spotlights that draw their attention upon a specific product, a specific offer, or attract them and make their interest higher and their will to purchase increases.

Get product badges for your store.

2. Offer gift wrap option

Holiday is the season of gifting and everyone loves to send a gift nicely wrapped. We all know the joy of opening a wrap to uncover the gift from our loved ones.

Having an option to offer gift wraps in your store allows you to offer to your customers more than just a product, it allows your customers to send a gift. It’s a great deal in the festive season.

There are some Shopify apps for gift wrapping option in your store. You can also get this feature as you need for your store from our small task menu.

3. Use a rotating promo bars

In festive season it’s very likely that you will be running multiple offers on your store. If you are using a normal top bar on your store, you can only advertise one offer at a time.

A rotating promo bar allows you to announce multiple offers at one place. You can set multiple message to rotate periodically on a top bar of your store. This makes it super easy for your visitors to see what’s on offer and shop accordingly.

Get a rotating promo bar for your store here.

4. Change image on mouse hover

In holiday season visitors on your store tends to spend much less time as compared to the other time of the year. So, you need to optimize your store in a way that your visitors can find the right product with minimum effort.  To achieve this, you can show a different image of the product on the collection pages/rows.

For example, in a clothing store, it’s important to show the design of the cloth as well as how it looks on a model. It’s really great if it can be shown on the collection page itself without going to the product page. It also feels dynamic to the user when an element changes on hover.

Get this feature for your store.

5.  Use a product image slider

In many Shopify theme, we see that on the product page we have to click on each of the thumbnails of product images to open them in a larger window. It often makes it very difficult for shoppers to check different images of a product.

The solution is to create an image slider in a way that when a visitors click one thumbnail on the product page, he/she can then browse all the images by just clicking Next or Previous on the same window. This makes browsing image much easier for visitors.

Get this feature for your store.

6. Show low stock alert

We all know that scarcity creates an urgency which helps to boost conversion. To use this psychological trigger, you should show the low stock alert on your store.

There are many fancy ways to show low stock by using various Shopify apps available in the market. However, if you need a clean and simple one matching with the theme of your store you can get it here from our small task menu.

7. Show available product variants in the collection page

With this feature, customers will be able to see that your products come in multiple sizes/colors/variants, without opening the product page. This makes it easy for visitors to find the right product without much effort.

The more you make it easy to shop the more is the chance of conversion.

Get this feature for your store.

8. Leverage loyalty

When it comes to long-term retail success, converting occasional shoppers into long-time customers is one of the critical challenges. While several businesses invest heavily in acquiring new customers during the holiday season, turning them into loyal lifetime customers, ensuring that your existing customers are not neglected – is a real challenge.

Design a loyalty program to nurture your new customers while enabling them to earn points through their purchase. This will give them a good reason to return your business for a future purchase. Make sure you showcase your loyalty program prominently and make it easier for them to join the program.

If you don’t have a loyalty program already, there are many Shopify apps you can pick from to quickly set up one.

Thank you for reading! Need any of these features for your store? Use coupon CARSON25OFF to get $25 off on your first small task with us!

9. Add payment badges on footer

Trust is an important factor for conversion. There are many ways like showcasing testimonials or having social proof to invoke trust.

For your store, it is prudent that you use trusted and the most secure payment gateway for all the transaction done on your site. That also indicates working with proven payment providers such as PayPal or Stripe. While you are using most trusted payment gateways, it’s great to showcase their logos on your store’s footer. It helps to create a sense of trust around your store.

Get payment badges on your store footer.

10. Capture emails with lead forms:

Online shoppers do their homework before making purchases. To be more specific, 70% of all online American shoppers do research before making a purchase.

It’s truer in the holiday season. You will see a huge portion of your traffic leaving your store without making any purchase. The best way to utilize this traffic is to capture the email ids of these visitors with lead generation forms. There are various strategies to build an email list. Yo need to pick the right one

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